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Pocru's News

Posted by Pocru - April 8th, 2017

This is nice.  It's been, what, 4 years? Too long, based on some of my cringeworthy earlier posts.

I'm back with a purpose, so, if you're reading this, I've probably already reached out to you. So you won't find anything new here!


Posted by Pocru - April 6th, 2012

Yep, that was an exciting period? I advertised somethin', contributed my wee lil' voice to something bigger, and now, life goes on. I can't keep advertising m' book without it amounting to spam, so I guess that was a fast and entirely pointless endeavor, considering ya'll reaction was a mix of "Didn't give" and "a fuck".

Then again, this is Newgrounds. I guess we're used to free entertainment.

That said, I'm going back to my standard, placeholder post until I do something else worth writing about, so I'll do this again in maybe in two, three lifetimes.

Take care ya'll.


Posted by Pocru - March 28th, 2012

Three people this week have passed on. Three newgrounds regulars and favorites. Legends, now, if they weren't already in life.

Brilliant creators who tragically met the inevitable flip-side of their hobbies and professions-- of all things that are created, they must likewise be destroyed.

This string of misfortunes has jarred me, significantly. Suddenly, Newgrounds seems just as much a place to celebrate the vibrancy of our community and the creativity we all enjoy as much as it is a eulogy to those creators who have left us. For however long these creators will live in our memories, Newgrounds-- and the internet as a whole-- will preserve their legacies into the vast, unknowable future. We may be the only generation able to truly appreciate their work, as long past the point where their humor will be relevant, or their work able to stand besides peers on a technical level, their work will persist. But that doesn't make their impact any less profound, or the history they've crafted any less significant.

They inspired the future of Flash movies, art, and humor. And they have a great blessing denied many creators who came before them--people will be able to trace that history back to them, see the seeds that grew into the future of internet culture, and their names will continue to linger, and the happiness they created and spread with their work will endure.

I could ask them to rest in peace, but they deserved better. "Peace" is complacency, and they were not complacent people. They were pioneers in their own way, and even after their passing, they will still play their part in shaping the future. They will drive us, those they left behind, into a better tomorrow.

In their own way, they never died.


Posted by Pocru - March 15th, 2012

Hello all.

Because it seems unlikely we'll ever get a writing portal, I decided that the only alternative is to WRITE A BOOK AND SELL IT ON AMAZON.

My Girlfriend is a Japanese Ghost

It's the tale of a porn writer obsessed with puns and the vengeful ghost who loves him and nearly kills him in the process- It's got wacky characters, a plot in there somewhere, and comedy unlike any you've ever seen before if you've only read the work of Russian Formalists. And to top it all off, it costs less, lasts longer, and is more satisfying then a large espresso at Starbucks (Doesn't taste as good, though), so really, why NOT support a fellow Newgrounder and give it a read? I promise there's a ton of dick jokes in it! And there just MIGHT be a reference to Strawberry Clock in there! (Spoilers: there's not)

...and you can download a Kindle Reading App if you have Windows or The Other One (Mak or something) so no excuses. D<


Posted by Pocru - June 1st, 2010

Shit changed.

After some deep soul searching and a realization that making games just isn't my future, I dropped my ambition of being a game designer and decided to focus my creative efforts into something I see myself doing in a few years from now: writing. I've changed colleges, got rid of my programming stuff, and all in all I'm back to being just another generic newgrounds user. My brief, but memorable time here as a actual/potential contributor will never be forgotten and gaming will be as big a part of my life in the future even though don't plan to get into the field of game design. I'll try to keep active enough via writing contests and detailed reviews, but for the most part I'm a nobody again... at least until they get the writing portal up.


Regardless, that's all from ol' Pocru till somethin' new pops up.


Posted by Pocru - February 9th, 2010

I don't know why I'm writing this. Someday I'll be popular enough for this to be important, but right now I'm just a random bitching n00b.

WELL, If nothing else, it's kinda a funny story. I was hired to work for a expediter for a dinner theater. Basically, I prepare salads on plates so the waiters have easier jobs.

I was fired my first day. Why?

Not because I was slow, I was actually quite fast and efficient. I learned quickly, too, and was an eager worker. I was very neat, washed my hands, didn't cus or mock my supervisors, or smoke weed or anything, and was the model employee.

so why fired?

Get this: I was creepy. I scared the other employees and the cook. Not only was my vocabulary whole notches above theirs, making me seem intimidating and intelligent, but also the way I composed myself gave others the impression I was possessed by some form of demon. All in all, people were so nervous around me that they couldn't keep me.

It was kind of sad, at first, because I really liked the job, but now it's kind of funny. Getting fired because I scared people? That's kind of hilarious. It'll make a good opening to my biography when I'm rich and famous and loved.

Anyway, on another note entirely, my birthday came and went and I find myself a few hundred bucks richer: A new laptop and Flash is just beyond the horizon, so get ready for something from me in a few years or so. On another note, I'm also almost done with a little story I've been working on. Maybe you'll see my name in lights soon enough.


Posted by Pocru - January 21st, 2010

To make a good, sturdy tower, you have to put the quarters at the base and the pennies on the top. Interestingly, the quarters are more desirable then the pennies: they're worth more, they're bigger, stronger, and more valuable. Yet, the pennies, somehow, manage to get on top of them. The quarters have to bare the burden of the pennies, despite the fact they have so much more value and strength behind them.

Interestingly enough, no quarter tries to remedy this. No quarter says to the other "Lets make the pennies carry US!" Instead, the quarters try to become pennies themselves. They try to change their lot from a small part of a bigger, more powerful mass, to a smaller, more delicate, and yet for some unexplainable reason, more superior coin. They don't try to take those around them with them. They want to abandon the quarters completely and just become a penny and be satisfied with the fact that they're now top dog.

But if one quarter decided to change this, only one, the entire tower would come crumbling down. But not one dares. Either because its too scared of what would happen if the tower shattered, or because each individual part is too busy vying for a chance to separate itself and become a penny to realize this simple fact.

...I was bored in math class, so I stacked my spare change on top of each other.

Posted by Pocru - January 6th, 2010

WHOOT! I won second in the newgrounds October writing contest! I cant tell you how happy I am!

And... reinvigorated, in a way. For school, I have to do a senior project, and I chose to write something... and this really helps me out. My creative Muse had abandoned me, and now I feel really good. All those insecurities I felt earlier have been eradicated quite aptly, and I'm convinced I'll do a good job. And who knows? Maybe something will come of this.

And after writing? Well, I'm getting a nice laptop soon... gonna get Flash for my B-day... and I'm goin' to college for Game Design. I guess the next step is obvious!

KEEP AN EYE OPEN, WORLD! Pocru's comin'!

...and why are you reading this? Are you THAT bored?


Posted by Pocru - September 4th, 2009

WELL, hello, everyone again.

No music news, again, because I have a total lack of drive.

BUT! I come with another advertisement! Good times, I know.

there's this site called Daeluin.net where role-players can gather together and have good times. Its a pretty friendly site... You'll be welcomed with a smile, some sprinkles, and possibly some brownies. Its a high-fantasy forum place with some pretty distinguished features that seperates it from other sites, like a experience/gold system, item shops, and a battle arena. Normally, one would think these things would only confine your creative abilities... and... I guess sometimes It does...

BUT they're pretty lenient with subbing, so unless you have a idea thats really out there and crazy, you'll be fine.

Even if your not a Role-Player, you can still enjoy the sites out of character discussions and such. Debate forums. all that. I suppose if you just wanted to go there to troll, you could. Trolls are pretty well-received, actually... we got a few regulars on the site most of the people like.

In conclusion, go to Daeluin.net if you want to have fun and meet friends and stuff.

...In case your wondering, YES, they do have an advertisement reward system. Hence the advertisement.

Anyway, Im done with my plugging.


Posted by Pocru - July 5th, 2009

For my own music? BS. I wouldn't dream of selling that crap.

No, its for a Role-Playing Forum. http://spiritsofwillingmalice.ownforum .org/index.php

Its an adult site aimed at anime fans, made by my very, very, very, very sexy friend. You RP as either a ghost or a human. ghosts trying to make the humans go crazy, and the humans... well, trying to live with the ghosts, all that jazz.

from what I've tried, it can be pretty fun, and if your a pervert like me, there are plenty of opportunities for ghost sex (OR, (shivers) REGULAR sex), assuming that we get, you know, writers and RPers. Its an adult site, like I said, but i your underage, I sure as hell cant stop you, can I?

so, check it out, if you'd please. =3 my friend really wants some traffic on the site.